Design and Research
Sustainable and Circular Economy Based Urban Systems

Working in the fields of sustainable urbanism and fixing cities by fixing food systems I am currently active in the SDG and Circular Economy communities in Geneva and Lausanne in particular. I organise, present at and partake in many events, seminars, congresses, workshops and other activities. I spearhead the urban solutions group for Drawdown Switzerland whilst I also contribute to various sustainable urbanism activities with Impact Hub Switzerland and Circular Economy Transition Switzerland. I am a member of FoodHack Switzerland. At the same time I am developing strategies for affordable communities, energy transition landscapes and developments, integrated waste-energy-water-food and many other regeneration assignments for various clients working as an independent consultant, working within the livable cities division of KuiperCompagnons and also within Building with People consortium of Dutch expert companies.

In the 15 years since I graduated in Landscape Architecture from MMU, I have enjoyed varied employment that has taken me around the world and also helped me discover and develop close to home. Home has been Manchester, London, the Netherlands, Ethiopia and now Switzerland. Work has been in more than 10 countries including India, Indonesia, China, Russia, The Middle East. Diverse experiences continue to shape me professionally and personally.

From high level strategic planning, through master plan and large-scale developments to detailed interventions, construction projects, events and project management, I bring commitment, quality and honesty to the table.