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Town Centre Regeneration Strategy

Project developed for UK based MCAU urbanists.

This assignment involved a landscape and commercial quick-scan to explore opportunities for revitalising a 'lost' part of the town centre at a mid-sized town in England.

Road reconfigurations have left behind an oversized road on the edge of the town centre core commercial area that is dominated by the inactive facade of a large multi-storey car park and a vast open air street level car park plus several underutilised open spaces. However the spaces also adjoin a museum and shopping centre.

In order to re-energise this part of the town we develpped a concept based on incremental and staged redevelopment starting with a series of pop-up urban landscape interventions and proposing the 'greening' and future-proofing of the car park. This new urban environment would be easily achievable through simple but effective no-regret interventions, activity programming and community based opportunities.

Pop-Up Food Cluster: About
Pop-Up Food Cluster: Gallery
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