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Study for Local Densification and Urban Upgrading
For and With the Community

Concept developed for KuiperCompagnons as part of the Building with People Consortium of Dutch Companies) for a location in Semarang, Java, Indonesia.

In many fast growing cities and urban areas, a major obstacle in realising urgent urban interventions to, for example, improve or install water, sewage, utility infrastructure, or to add flood resilience measure, is the availability of space to carry out these works. Often large parts of the most badly affected areas are illegally, informally or semi-legally occupied, owned and developed. At the same time they are often high density in terms of floor area coverage, but comprise single- or low-storey structures.

Searching for mechanisms to encourage, promote and facilitate local densification and population relocation is fundamental to creating the necessary space for change whilst also doing this in a socially responsible way without fracturing complex and essential social and economic structures. 

Circular Kampong explores how this might be possible and how people can become part of the solutions, empowering citizens with tools for change so that they can help forge more optimistic futures in a balanced bottom-up top-down system.

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