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Sourcing Locally Grown in and around Geneva, Nyon, Lausanne: part 1

Sourcing locally grown food can be fun, but where to start? There are also often challenges in terms of affordability, cost of local Vs supermarket, need to travel to multiple locations to get products and thus racking up a greater transport footprint in the course of grocery shopping. In this blog I will show some examples of places close to my home and share what they sell, when they sell, how far they are from my door. For reference the closest supermarkets are 5km, 6,5km and 10km away (roundtrip 10-20km)

The first locally grown supplier I would like to share is a cheat in the sense that it is multiple suppliers... Farmy is an online delivery service (many of the deliveries are completed using their own e-fleet vehicles) that sources from producers according to the following criteria:

- Organic certified or high-quality regional products - Existing direct sales to end customers in their region - No mass production and orientation towards supply to large distributors - Produced with love and care - the producers must be authentic - The shortest distance from the producers to our distribution centre

Together with myclimate, Farmy have calculated how much less CO2emissions are caused when products are bought from - for each individual product.Their CO2 calculator calculates the CO2 savings generated by each order and adds to a users personal CO2 savings account. The calculation is based on a study prepared by myClimate, whereby the purchase at Farmy is compared to that of a usual supermarket.

Link to the study (only German):

I am fairly new to this service and have used it just a couple of times but already I have avoided 122,7kg of C02 emmissions just by choosing food carefully!

Of course there are some who have reservations about this service and have pointed out certain products (various fish for example), however, as with all grocery shopping, it is about making choices and understanding the story behind our food.


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