The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste is a practical and scalable answer to a widely underestimated issue with dire consequences: Food Waste. In line with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals 2, 12, and 13 and designed on first-hand knowledge from F&B sustainability experts and academics, it helps you to drastically reduce Food Waste, cut on costs, boost your image, and foster collaboration with complimentary food waste solution providers.

The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste fits neatly into the philosophy of FeedingCities. Fixing food systems is at the core of making our cities more resilient, responsible, effective and enjoyable. The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste is one tool that will help us to explore how we can tackle one of the greatest challenges of our time that is at the same time one of the greatest opportunities for reversing global warming. Project Drawdown identify tackling food waste as the top opportunity. So this is one of the key tools in the FeedingCities box that can be applied at many scales from small food and beverage operations, to large hotels, schools, office and educational campuses and even at town, city, region or national level. Click the images below to check out some of the mini-introduction films highlighting what The Pledge™ on Food Waste can mean for you. 







Are a Tourism Officer or City Marketing Officer? People are increasingly aware that travel can have significant environmental impacts and more people are looking for ways to travel better, offset or 'give-back' in some way. Encouraging the food system to tackle food waste is a great opportunity for tourist destinations to make a great dent in their environmental impact and thus be able to promote themselves as a responsible destination. Finding the connections in the local food ecosystem can be part of a food waste avoidance strategy but also part of a strong grow-local eat-local eat-seasonal approach to fine culinary experiences. Link ups with circular economy, zero waste and unavoidable waste service providers can also be built into exciting, unique and location specific strategies that can enhance a tourism offer, character and identity.

Maybe you are an Executive Chef?

FeedingCities applying The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste systematic approach, can drive innovation in your kitchen and raise your profile as a leader in great food and responsible dining. You can avoid wasting resources and maybe by saving costs on avoidable food waste, you can free up budget for new and-/or more expensive ingredients / equipment for your culinary adventures. You can earn and wear the badge with pride, showing your customers that you care and they are making good choices. Your establishment can add a valuable, respected certification to its display.

Perhaps you are the Director of Business Development for a Small Restaurants Chain. Supposing you have 15 locations, each little saving will have a big cumulative impact. Taking on food waste across 15 locations is likely to produce some very interesting results. Just imagine even 100g of waste per cover, 100 covers per day x 15 restaurants.... you're looking at 150kg of waste per day! So here alone the story is very interesting. However even with good food waste management, you will likely still have a significant amount of unavoidable food waste across the 15 locations. This is where FeedingCities using the methodology of The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste can help you to find uses for those byproducts either for your own use, or as an input for other businesses. You save money and maybe even make money just by tackling and properly managing your 'waste'. But you also need to consider current food trends and how your restaurants can respond to an increasingly environmentally conscious audience. The Pledge can help you to reduce waste, save money and find smart ways to become the brand that people want to be associated with.



A tool within The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste systematic approach

FIT Food Waste Monitoring Tech is a cost-effective and agile solution for commercial kitchens willing to track and reduce food waste and associated costs

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