Over the weekend of 19-20th September, the Impact Hub Kings Cross London organised a Build Back Better Hackathon. FeedingCities contributed to this event in support of the urban food systems theme with a mini webinar series featuring leading voices in this field.

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WTF Sessions: food WASTE - Wednesday 16th September 2020
10:00-12:00 Central Europe Summer Time

In the first session we took a dive into the topic of food waste and envrionmental impact with team DEVORE and Benjamin Lephilibert of Light Blue Consulting


Watch the recording of the WTF?! Food WASTE Session.



WTF Sessions: food TECH - Thursday 17th September 2020
12:00-13:30 Central Europe Summer Time.

In this session the guests were Nicole Thorpe of Cultinova, Cullen Naumoff of Farm Fare LLC and Mateja Kramar from Microsoft. We discussed the role of Tech and AI in transforming food systems.


Watch the recording of the WTF?! Food TECH Session



WTF Sessions: food COMMUNITIES - Friday 18th September 2020
12:00-13:30 Central Europe Summer Time.

In this session we heard from the incredible Daron "Farmer D" Joffe as he shared his amazing journey from selling Pizzas to support his farm through winter to the farms he has bought, sold, managed, established and supported. The 'Go-To' guy for Agrihoods advice in the USA.

Marc Noyce of Biofilta talked us through his FoodCube systems that is delivering incredible results such as over 500kg of fresh food from 21m2. Part of the team behind Melbourne Sky Farm, Marc is also an experienced environmental consultant.

Wouter Vos from KuiperCompagnons and Urban Farming Partners shared his experiences in developing plans for hi-tech urban farms in Singapore, integrated urban food systems clusters in China and landscape design and  urban planning with local food networks in the Netherlands.

It was an absolute pleasure to have these amazing guests join us for this session exploring the power of food COMMUNITIES.


Watch the recording of the WTF?! Food COMMUNITIES Session.

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